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Goals and vision for JOMDC

  • Remove current, ineffective Joy of Motion Dance  Center Board of Directors that are in direct conflict with the values of the organization

  • Acquisition of new Joy of Motion Dance Center Board of Directors who truly represent and value the students, faculty and entire dance community. 

  • Ensure diversity in leadership positions

  • Equal pay for equal work; require pay scales based on experience, education, and training. 

  • Demand that JOMDC formally extend acceptable employment offers to all faculty and staff who were terminated.

  • Create a system of communications between faculty, the Board of Directors, and JOMDC leadership that is based on transparency, equity, and a definitive process

  • Standardize the inclusion of faculty in administrative decisions such as programming, finances, and marketing. 

Goals for DMV Dance Community 

  • To create a just, fair, and inclusive dance home for faculty, staff, students, and the community. 

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